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Farm Architecture

… where tradition still rules the landscape. A farmhouse with a shingled heavy roof, a thatched barn and a modern living space underground.

Three buildings, one owner, one name: Felderhof.

Owner with a vision

tom erlacher

In 2006 Tom bought a farm, established in the 11th century. For 10 years he lived without heating or luxury in what is now the alpine lodge. In 2018 finally everything changed. The 60 square meters of the original living space were not enough for his vision for a better life balance. Demolition was not an option for the tradition-loving man from Villanders: “Making something new in the harmony with the old farmhouse which is a listed monument” - that was the vision. Together with architect Pavol Mikolajcak they created something that unites old and new in a completely innovative and beautiful way, farm architecture at its finest.



Old Farm Architecture

Alpine lodge

Main renovation goals were to expand the comfort by remaking the spaces while keeping the authenticity of a lodge. Felderhof was mentioned for the first time in historic writings back in the 11th century. The attic belonged to the birds and the basement to the pigs, only the first floor was habitable. Thanks to the precise planning done by Perathoner Architects, there are now three floors that you can stay in and explore in our farm lodge - the attic converted to bedrooms, cooking and dinning areas and a secret cellar. The structure and division of the rooms are still guided by the historical layout of the farmhouse. Only now the building is fully equipped with high quality amenities and luxurious details.

Hay Barn

with thatched roof

There are only five farms with thatched roofs left in all of South Tyrol. Tom is proud of keeping the tradition alive and part of his farm architecture at the alpine lodge: 6 tons of a long-stalk rye stray are needed every 30 years to keep the roof intact and with it the unique character of the building. The motto is: collect, collect, and keep collecting, because only a few farmers are still cultivating this kind of rye.

New Farm Architecture

Private Building

The new version of the Felderhof is mostly hidden in the slope. Only a wide window front with the spacious terrace is visible from the outside. The concrete-poured building charmes its guests with its futuristic and contemporary character. The interior is dominated by a spacious living room with refined wood internals. These are a modern interpretation of the traditional paneled walls of the farmhouse - an additional highlight for the successful extension-architecture by architect Pavol Mikolajcak. In the connecting wing the rustic stone walls meet smooth concrete and steel elements. In this way archaic power and modern elegance are united.

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