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Alpine Lodge

Tom’s farmhouse-turned-lodge, lovingly called farm lodge, dates back to the 11th century - and is your personal base camp for adventure in the mountains of South Tyrol. Rustic comfort combined with modern luxury, at 1200 meters above sea level, surrounded by wonderful Dolomites, the UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Housing for 8 people:

3 rooms, with double beds that can be separated into single beds and one couch for 2-3 people.


Two bathrooms with showers and toilets

If there is a bathtub? There were not quite enough square meters to accommodate that in this historical alpine lodge.

However, there is a


Finnish sauna to replenish your energy

A restroom and, if booked, a personal sauna master.


A library if you need a breather

Books full of inspiration for your next expedition, of architecture and art for you to flip through and dream.


An authentic, traditional farmhouse lounge

with wood paneling, a rustic fireplace and a possibility to lie atop it all to warm you up after peak excursions in the winter.



A little black kitchen

aka. smokebox under barrel vaults


… and many more unique architectural details, which you are free to explore yourselves.

Local Quest

Find Kurt's secret cellar:


Outdoor areas

Loungers and barbeque area

with possibilities to sit around a campfire


Barn with traditional hay roof

where you can pet farm animals or help around the farm.

Sheep, goats and Toms’ retired avalanche-trained dog Nelly are excited to meet you.

Your dog is also welcome at the alpine lodge.


Simply a place to be

Relax on a yoga mat, play the guitar, read or simply scream - the space around the farm lodge is a playground for whatever you want to do with it.

Private helipad

Have you ever seen the Dolomites from the air?

We will organize your journey to and from the alpine lodge with the help of our partners the helicopter service Elikos. One landing possibility for the helicopter is right next to our alpine lodge. Even adventure trips over the mountains and to other exciting locations like the gourmet paradise Sofie Hütte, which lies at 2410 meters above sea level are included in your alpine experience here at the Felder Hof.

Here you can find official information about our heliport:

Heliport Felderhof





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