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The Hosts

A close-knit trio for your extraordinary mountain adventures in South Tyrol

The people who understand each other and work towards the same goal, namely offering you at Felder Alpin Lodge a thrilling, satisfying, extraordinary and relaxing holiday ... a holiday that literally lifts your heart. Each one brings specific skills and preferences that add up to meet your needs to the utmost.

Tom Erlacher

Owner and Founder

He loves contrast and all that is unusual, showing he has the right amount of courage to break classical stylistic moulds. Happily balancing contemporary architecture with a fascination for all that is antique, at Felder Alpin Lodge he has skilfully brought together under one roof his passion for tradition, art and design. He loves the mountains but he also likes to admire them from a helicopter or while climbing with Matthias, aka Hias. He is the owner and is very pleased to welcome you at his Alpin Lodge.




Claudia Rier


General Manager

Sport and life's pleasures. Claudia is living proof that these are not mutually exclusive. On her racing bike she conquers mountain passes and competes nationally, and is then ready on the day after to share with you her knowledge as a sommelier during wine tastings. Her vast experience allows her to know exactly which aspects are to be considered when organising individual or group trips. Even when you need advice about excursions or more simply information about arrivals or transfers, thanks to Claudia your stay will become a collection of "Best-of South Tyrol".




Matthias Hofer

Alpine Guide

As a certified ski and Alpine guide, adventures on mountain peaks and in nature are Hias' great passions. He worked for years as a regional Alpine Rescue instructor and climbed many mountain peaks in South Tyrol and abroad, sometimes teaming with Tom. He will be your personal Alpine Guide, taking you on extraordinary mountain tours. Whether it's winter, summer, spring or autumn, he always knows the best itineraries for each season.




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