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Close to the land and its people

Immersing in the local culture and lifestyle will reveal its traditions and typical customs, and especially the local population as they work in the wineries or while touring together in the Dolomites. We will show you aspects of South Tyrol that you will happily remember forever.

Nature at all altitudes

A spectacular Alpine environment with steep cliffs and rugged rock walls alternates with a vineyard-rich scenery, in which enchanting towns, monasteries and castles are set like jewels. Hias and Tom, best friends and your hosts, know the land like the back of their hand, whatever the season. Guided tours on the glaciers or via ferratas, ski mountaineering or snowshoe excursions, as well as building an igloo, are some of the most popular activities requested by Felder Alpin Lodge guests.

Participating in activities or simply relaxing

Because of their rural origins, many traditions still live on in South Tyrol, proof of the local population's deep respect towards Nature and its products, as well as their skill and wisdom reflected in traditional customs such as hay bathing. You really must try this natural wellness treatment, especially after a mountain hike. Other customs, such as butter churning or the preparation of Muas (a traditional farmer's recipe based on flour and milk) are typical skills of our farmers who will be happy to show them to you. And if you love animals, you can assist Tom in his Lodge farm chores.



Exploring our History

The ancient Romans already produced wine in our lands, and later on the Prince-Bishops created majestic monuments and the mining industry flourished. In the environs of Villandro alone there are many places of cultural interest that tell the tale of our ancestors in a vivid and engaging way. During a visit to the mines in Villandro or to a winery to taste wines, you will certainly witness the fascinating merging of the past with the present.  And between one thing and another, why not stop in Bolzano or Bressanone to do some shopping?



Climbing up to the Cima Grande summit of Lavaredo (Große Zinne) in the Dolomites, practicing for your perfect tee shot at the foot of Alpe di Siusi, or celebrating in the evening in an ancient Stube and then taking off early next morning on a ski mountaineering adventure in the crisp winter air. Find out for yourself which activity week best embodies your idea of adventure in South Tyrol. Needless to say, we will be happy to customise it according to your preferences.

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