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Discover Origins

Felder Alpin - unique space where the guests are invited to explore the landscape together with the hosts, where traditions such as churning butter or cooking muas joins experiences from mountain climbing tours to sleeping under the stars. No routine, no crowds - instead, two native South Tyroleans, a 11th century farmhouse and one mission: discover the essence of South Tyrol from the deep roots to the highest mountain tops.

Whether you are solo adventurers, friend groups or a work team - Tom and Hias are excited to meet you.



Indoor Experience

Felderhof Founder Thomas Erlacher

An unique combination of contrasts stands for the personality of Tom. A deep fascination for tradition goes together with his passion for architecture and design. Felderhof is a true reflection of his own lifestyle - owning a 117 years old carpentry business and being a caring farmer. But that’s not all - as a mountain lover he is actively exploring mountains together with Hias and admires the peaks from the pilot seat in a helicopter. As your host he cannot wait to show you the alpine lodge and the authentic South Tyrolean lifestyle.


indoor experiences



Outdoor Adventures

Mountain Guide Matthias Hofer

Peak adrenaline and mountain adventures are the lifeblood of climbing and skiing guide Hias. Many years of experience in the alpine rescue team as well as climbing countless mountains internationally has lead him to a wish to share his experience with all adventure enthusiasts. Your private travel planner for summer, winter, spring and autumn - Hias knows secret routes for every season, and gladly adapts them to your mountain experience level. Book your stay in the alpine lodge and get ready for the ultimate alpine escapade!


outdoor adventures

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